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Picasso Ceramics Exhibition 1958 Vallauris Poster (c. 1960s)

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Picasso Exposition Vallauris 1958, a poster-page from the Mourlot Bros. catalogue of the 1960s, framed under glass. In excellent vintage condition.

In 1948 Picasso came to live in Vallauris, France where he stayed until 1955. During his time in the town, he created a great many sculptures and paintings. He also developed a fascination for the techniques of ceramics and linocuts. A freeman of the town, Picasso greatly contributed to the renaissance of the Vallauris pottery industry in the 1950s, this legendary golden age when everyone was a potter, including famous ceramicist Roger Capron. This poster-page drawn by Picasso advertises his upcoming ceramic exhibition celebrating 10 years of his works along with 100 other potters' more recent works. This exhibition was held from July through September 1958, in what some consider to be the heyday of the French Riviera.

Dimensions with frame

H 34 cm

W 26 cm

Dimensions without frame

H 18 cm

W 11 cm