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'Paris by Night' (c. 1920s)

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'Paris by Night' by unknown artist, (c. 1920s) oil on canvas, post-impressionist style using vivid colours, misty features and gripping subjects. Painting discovered in France. Newly framed including linen slip. In good vintage condition commensurate with its age; showing some slight blemishes and thinning canvas in areas.  

This work depicts a colourful scene of a French cathouse in the early part of the last century. Four leggy women and a young man - perhaps best described as effete - sit on stools, drinks in hand captivated by the tales of the Madame behind the bar. One could suppose it is early in the evening and the staff await the arrival of late night clientele. The background lighting is dim but the outfits are bursting with attention-grabbing colour. This scene is reminiscent of Toulouse Lautrec's world of bawdy houses of an earlier time. 

Dimensions with frame

H  51 cm

W  59 cm

Dimensions without frame

H  37 cm

W  45 cm