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'Paris Booksellers (Bouquinistes) Along the River Seine' by Lucien Génin (circa 1930s)



'Paris Booksellers Along the River Seine', gouache on paper (circa 1930s), by Lucien Génin. The used-book sellers (bouquinistes) you see along the Seine around Notre-Dame are a Parisian fixture. These hardy entrepreneurs are very lucky indeed as the waiting list to become one of Paris' 250 bouquinistes is eight years. The sellers must be open at least four days a week or they lose their spot. The most coveted spots are awarded based on seniority and with little overhead, prices are usually cheaper than in most shops. Some sell posters and artworks as well as old books. Lucien Génin beautifully captures this colourful moment of 1930s Paris in this wonderful and uplifting painting. The work is newly framed, under glass and in very good vintage condition. Signed: 'Lucien Génin' in the lower lefthand corner. This artwork may be purchased as a single piece or as a set of three works all by Génin and all depicting delightful vignettes of Paris. They may be viewed on our page on this site.

A short video clip of this work can be provided upon request.

About the ArtistAfter the devastation of the First World War, Lucien Génin (1894 - 1953) left his provincial home in the autumn of 1919 to find his fortune among the lively Parisians in the heart of Montmartre. Not concerning himself with producing "art", he beautifully captured the spirit of Paris between the wars while enjoying a truly Bohemian existence. Génin's works, in all their forms, perfectly convey the eclectic and friendly characters of the city.

Dimensions with frame:

H 31.5 cm (12.4")

W 36 cm (14.2")

Dimensions without frame:

H 21.5 cm (8.5")

W 26 cm (10.2")