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'Be True to Yourself' by Pandi (I Nyoman Sutaria) (2014)

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I Nyoman Sutarja better known as Pandi (1980 -    ), artist from Ubud, Bali - Indonesia. Pandi is an inspiring self-taught artist with the flare of Picasso and the unrestrained creativity of Jean-Michel Basquiat. He paints birds in all his compositions as a symbol of freedom and peace and because of his family's relationship of trust with these creatures when he was growing up. Pandi's art is a manifestation of his freedom of expression with bright colours, lines, shapes and figures that know no bounds.  His style and spirit reflect the innocence of a child with simple but elegant artworks that communicate a sense of joy and harmony.  

This painting was created in 2014 and the words roughly translate to: 'The key to happiness is to be true to yourself.' 

Stretched canvas, unframed.


H 100 cm

W 150 cm