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Vintage Vallauris Ceramics Poster by Pablo Picasso and Arnéra Printers (1964)



This is a vintage, limited edition offset framed poster announcing the Vallauris Ceramics exhibit in 1964 printed in a run of 1800 by Arnéra Printers under the supervision of Pablo Picasso. Catalogue raisonne: Czwiklitzer 229. The poster is based on his original linocut poster of the same year, "Vallauris Exhibition 1964" (Bloch 1301; MMA 145; Geiser/Baer 1354; Czwiklitzer 53). In 1946, while visiting the annual pottery exhibition in Vallauris, France, Pablo Picasso had the good fortune to meet Suzanne and Georges Ramie. The Ramies owned the Madoura workshop, a ceramics studio in Vallauris, where Picasso, who was eager to delve into a new medium, made his first venture into ceramics. He became so enthralled with ceramics that he decided to move to Vallauris to pursue his new passion. Picasso demonstrated his commitment to civic duty in the town by creating linocut posters for Vallauris’ annual ceramic fairs and bullfights. While his first linocuts were used as posters to advertise the bullfights and ceramic exhibitions in Vallauris, he quickly transformed the linocut medium into a unique form of expression unlike anything the world had every seen, predominantly by placing increased emphasis on colour and form. Picasso was an iconic and important figure in Vallauris’ history. He became a freeman of Vallauris and greatly contributed to the renaissance of the Vallauris pottery industry in the 1950s. These rare original posters are historical but beautiful records of this magical period in which Picasso contributed so much. The poster comes with a certificate of authenticity from a member of the IVPDA, the International Vintage Postage Dealers Association. Framed, in good vintage condition. Upon request, a video clip of this work may be provided.

Dimensions with Frame:

H 61 cm

W 38 cm

D 3 cm

Dimensions without Frame:

H 47.5  cm

W 25.5 cm