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'Nude Moroccan Woman' by Albert Horel (c. 1930s)


Born in Normandy in Northern France, Albert Horel (1876-1964) was a noted landscape and orientalist painter. Having settled in Paris after the war, he took a detour to Morocco where he painted a number of vibrant scenes in that country's cities and towns thereby earning his reputation as a French orientalist. This painting, circa 1930s and oil on canvas, depicts a Moroccan woman, nude, amidst the backdrop of her home or the artist's studio. Given the cultural constraints and the era, the subject appears withdrawn and awkwardly shy while posing, never looking at the artist. Horel captures the mood splendidly in this rare depiction of a human subject in his body of work. Colours in the paintings are reds, browns, violet and flesh tones. There is some evident blistering in this painting (see detailed photos) typical of works of this age. However, seen as a whole, the image is intact, compelling and vibrant. Generally this painting is in fair vintage condition and has been reframed. For information, scores of Horel's paintings have been widely collected and sold at auction over the years.

Dimensions with frame:

H 54 cm

W 52.5 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H 39 cm

W 38 cm