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'Mother and Child' by Weck (Circa 1940s - 1960s)

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'Mother and Child', oil on board, by Weck (circa 1940s -1960s). A lovely mother is seated at home by her window with her young child. A very serene image beautifully painted in expressive colours combining elements of cubism and abstract expressionism. After WWII, many artists were horrified by its atrocities and expressed their feelings through painting. In this work, the pure joy of a mother's contentedness is evident. The harmony of colour combined with balance and precision in execution invites the viewer to enjoy the peaceful scene. Unfortunately, not much is known about the artist other than they were from the 'School of Berlin' but its quality is undeniable. The work was acquired in Northern Italy. It is in excellent vintage condition and reframed with linen slip insert. Signed by the artist, 'Weck' in the lower left hand corner. A short video clip of this work can be provided upon request.

Dimensions with frame:

H 51 cm (20.1")

W 40 cm (15.7")

Dimensions without frame:

H 38 cm (15")

W 26.5 cm (10.4")