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Mid-Century Italian Floor Lamp from Stilnovo (circa 1950s)

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Mid-century Italian floor lamp from Stilnovo (circa 1950s). Italian design at its best, this is a floor lamp with adjustable angle for reading or spotlighting. The base of the lamp is a round of Carrara marble. The original red light cover is conical with characterful blemishes. The brass angle piece extends from a stylish, slender black trunk and has a distinctive patina attesting to its age. However, it may be displayed with a shine or with the aged patina. In fair vintage condition commensurate with age. The lamp has been completely re-wired to modern specifications (UK) since the listing photos were taken. Upon request, a video of the lamp will be provided. 

About Stilnovo: Milano lighting manufacturer (1946 - 1988). Stilnovo was a company founded by Bruno Gatta in 1946 and is a significant part of the first wave of post World War II Italian design companies specialising in the production of innovative, functional lighting. Stilnovo was certainly one of the better quality manufacturers of its era and its products and designs live on. Coming at a time when the idea of function was combined with new types of materials to produce pared and texturally novel forms, it was an era of experimentation, where the neo-realism movement tussled with the philosophy of organicism, and where architects borrowed from, subverted and discarded the artisan based craft-art that had for centuries been Italy’s dominant creative force. Often compared favourably with Arteluce, which, under the guidance of Gino Sarfatti, explored abstract, lineal forms, Stilnovo is known for its well executed organic lines. 


H 159 cm / 62.6"

Dia (of base) 23cm / 9.1"