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Mid-Century Italian Ceramic Table Lamp by Fratelli Fanciullacci (Circa 1950s)

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Mid-century Italian ceramic decorative table lamp (circa 1950s) by Fratelli Fanciullacci. This lamp immediately transports one to the Italian Riviera of the 1950s to towns like Portofino, San Remo and La Spezia. The sandy-coloured ceramic base is decorated with radiant images of two lovely tanned ragazze, one blond and one brunette. The piece is in very good vintage condition commensurate with its age. There are minor blemishes on the base. Currently configured for UK usage but may be converted. Marking on the inner base: 'Belo Italy'. The lampshade is for presentation only and is not included. 

About Fratelli Fanciullacci: The brothers Fanciullacci was a prolific Italian pottery, whose work is starting to become more widely known and is keenly sought amongst collectors. As a style it is hard to pin down as there were so many styles and produced – on a variety of clay bodies. Also, because most records were lost in 1966 after the biggest flood of the Arno River since 1557, it is hard to identify designers or artist. The production facility was near Florence. After the flood the company lost many of their best staff and lost the spark of creativity they once had. They ceased trading in 1988 and their best pieces are dated before 1966.

Dimensions (do not include bulb fitting nor lampshade):

H  21.5 cm

W  10.5 cm