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Mid-Century Ceramic Tiled Side Table by Mado Jolain (circa 1950s)


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Small side table perfectly simple and simply perfect by Mado Jolain (circa 1950s). Ceramic tiles sit upon a frame and black metal legs in elegant symmetry. The tiles are an eclectic mix of off-whites, black and orange. The end result is a harmonious and balanced work of art yet still fit for purpose as a functional side table. With numerous exhibitions and recent retrospectives, Jolain has an increasing following of connoisseurs and collectors both in Europe and the United States. In fair vintage condition. Please view the accompanying photos to best asses the table's condition and style. Upon request, a short video clip of the piece may be provided.

About the Artist: Mado Jolain (1921-2019) "followed the evolution of pottery-making in her own era with talent from the start of her career until her retirement. Over a period of 17 years, from her first utilitarian pieces imbued with the mood of the immediate post-war period, to her last pieces with their more architectural bias, she developed just that economy of means which prevents pottery from becoming trapped in a time-warp and from becoming dated with the passing of time. If some of her pieces may seem too simple, that does not make them facile; rather, they bear witness to her humility as a potter and to her desire to make her work accessible." (French Pottery of the 50s by Pierre Staudenmeyer). She was married to French artist René Legrand.


H 34 cm / 13.4"

W 26 cm / 10.2"

L 26 cm / 10.2"