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Mid-Century Ceramic Flower Vase by Jacques Pouchain, Atelier Dieulefit (circa 1960s)


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Mid-century ceramic flower vase (circa 1960s) by Jacques Pouchain, Atelier Dieulefit. This elongated sculptural flower vase is both beautiful and utilitarian. The neck is milk-white with variegated surface - brown speckles at the top reducing in size as you go lower. The wider mid-section encircling the piece displays vertical lines, like a child's stick-figure drawings with several geometric shapes in between. The piece is weighty and substantial, elegant and joyful to behold. In good vintage condition. Maker's mark: 'L'Atelier Dieulefit'.

About the Artist: Jacques Pouchain (1925 - 2005) left Paris and gave up his architectural training in the 1950s for the South of France to devote himself to art and his pottery studio at Dieulefit. He produced highly personal work and more commercial pieces as well both revealing a modern approach to pottery. Pouchain's ceramics have an international following and have been sold at many of the major auction houses.


H 37 cm (14.6")

Dia 11 cm (4.3")