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'Mediterranean Port' by Pere Soulere Martí (c. 1960s)



'Mediterranean Port', oil on canvas, (c. 1960s), original frame, reconditioned mount, by Pere Soulere Martí. Excellent vintage condition.

Irresistible image of a fishing boat in a Mediterranean port's dry dock on a hazy blue day; stunning colours are reflected in the basin's waters attracting the viewer's gaze. A compelling, colourful and noteworthy work of art.

About the artist: Pere Soulere Martí (1912 - 1969), painter, drawer and sculptor, from the Catalan region of Spain. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona and later at the Baixas de Barcelona art academy as well as at the Julian Academy in Paris in 1935. Not much is known of his life but his art continues to be in demand and, relatively speaking, provides very good value given the caliber of his work.

Dimensions with frame:

H  65.5 cm

W  74.5 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  44.5 cm

W  53.5 cm