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'Mademoiselle Ledran Rue de l'Hotel Colbert Paris' by Guillaume Dulac (circa 1920s)


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'Mademoiselle Ledran Rue de l'Hotel Colbert Paris', charcoal and ink on fine art paper, by French artist, Guillaume Dulac (circa 1920s). An artist known for his exquisite drawings - many are sketches for his larger oil paintings or other works - this piece is compelling because its image emerges from just a few graceful lines and curves. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. This work is in good vintage condition. The artwork has been newly framed and glazed. Given its nearly 100 years, it is notable for its state of preservation. The paper does present some very minor blemishing. In the upper centre, the artist mentions the name of the model: Mademoiselle Ledran who apparently lived on the Rue de l'Hotel Colbert which is on the left bank in Paris' 5th Arrondissement. Although the artwork is unsigned, our gallery holds virtually the entire remaining collection of this artist's sketches and memorabilia and therefore, its provenance is impeccable. Please closely view the accompanying photos to best appreciate its condition and beauty. Upon request a video of the artwork will be provided. A series of Dulac's sketches may be acquired from our gallery on this platform to create a set to enhance a corridor or stairway of your home or workplace.

About the Artist: Guillaume Dulac (1883 - 1929).This is a historical piece from a French artist born in the 19th century. He was a close associate of other well known artists, Charles Camoin and Albert Marquet. He exhibited his works in Paris' Salon des Indépendents in 1905, in the Salon de l'Union Artistique of Toulouse in 1908 - 1910 and had an artistic presence in the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. His last exhibit was in the Salon des Tuileries in June of 1929. In December of that same year, his body was recovered having drowned in the Seine river and is now in the famous Père-Lachaise cemetery. Because of the quality of his art, his works have been sold at auction and collected internationally. In La Ciotat, France, near Marseille, there is a street named after this artist: l'Avenue Guillaume Dulac. 

Dimensions with frame:

H 28 cm / 11.0"

W 33.5 cm / 13.2"

Dimensions without frame:

H 16.7 cm / 6.6"

W 22.7 cm / 8.9"