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'Ma Jolie' by J.G. (circa 1950s)

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'Ma Jolie' (My Pretty One), oil on board, (circa 1950s) by artist with the initials J.G. A wonderful homage to Picasso's 1914 painting of the same name which was an early example of cubism with its fractured depiction of everyday objects. Significantly different than the original, this work of art has a breadth of rich earth tones and more clearly defined objects. Ma Jolie was both a popular French song at that time and the nickname of Picasso's lover, Eva Gouel. Sheet music for the song can be seen in both Picasso's original work and in this painting. Among other every day objects in the work the viewer will see musical instruments, glasses, a bottle and perhaps smoke from a burning cigarette. Regrettably, nothing is known of this artist with the initials J.G., other than they lived in Berlin in the period after WWII. In excellent vintage condition - newly framed with gild surround. Initialed: 'J.G.' in the lower right hand corner. A video clip of this work may be provided upon request.

Dimensions with frame:

H 39 cm

W 33.5 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H 27 cm

W 21.5 cm