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Lithograph of the Portrait of Raymond Moretti by Jean Cocteau (1963)

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Original lithograph of a drawing of French artist and sculptor, Raymond Moretti (1931 - 2005) by Jean Cocteau (1889 - 1963). Cocteau and Moretti collaborated on several art works and this drawing by Cocteau is an homage to their friendship. This is not a modern reproduction, but rather, an original lithograph printed in the 1960s. The work was acquired in Paris and is showing some age marks around the edges of the paper with slight smudges that do not detract from the principle image. Overall it is in good vintage condition commensurate with its age. It is now neatly framed protecting the lithograph. The signature and verbiage read: "a l'ami Moretti Jean Cocteau 1963". 1963 is also the year of Cocteau's death. A short video clip of this work may be provided upon request.

About the Artist: Jean Cocteau was born near Paris, in Maisons-Lafitte in 1889, the son of wealthy bourgeois parents. He was surrounded by the theater and arts at a young age. At sixteen, he was already a published poet. While the war was raging in Europe, Cocteau continued his love of all things artistic and associated himself with artists such as Modigliani, poet Apollinaire, poet Max Jacob and Pablo Picasso. At the same time, he had become a mentor for a young Raymond Radiguet, who would become a famous author before he died at twenty-one. After Radiguet's death, and perhaps because of it, Cocteau developed an addiction to opium and would struggle with this for much of his life. After his initial recovery, Cocteau would produce some of his most famous works, including his plays Orphee and Les Enfants Terribles, which later would be adapted into films. Of all of his accomplishments, his greatest legacy was in his cinematic inventiveness.

Jean Cocteau died at age 74 on October 11, 1963, and was buried at the Chapel, Saint-Blaise-des-Simples in the South of France.

Dimensions (with frame):

H 72 cm

W 58 cm

Dimensions (without frame):

H 62 cm

W 50 cm