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'Le Port' by Frank Milo (1962)

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'Le Port', oil on canvas (1962) by Swiss artist, Frank Milo (1921 - 1991). Known for his seascapes in Brittany, this alluring work of art depicts whitewashed houses, a lighthouse and boats so typical of the small fishing villages and ports that dot the coast along this Atlantic region in the far west of France. Much like the frequently overcast skies here, this work is virtually in monochrome whereby only the white houses emerge from the sullen overhead. Historically, Brittany was an independent Duchy before being integrated into the French crown in 1532. The Breton language which is still spoken by a few, is closely related to Cornish and more distantly related to Welsh and Cumbric. It's a region with a fascinating history aligned with ancient Rome, Britain and the Kingdom of France. Milo's paintings perfectly capture vignettes of life along this historical coastal region. The painting in very good vintage condition is in the original gilded frame with new linen slip and glass. Upon request, a video of this work may be provided for context. Signed: 'Frank Milo 62'. 

About the Artist: Frank Milo (1921 - 1991), Swiss painter known for his landscapes of the French countryside and seascapes, particularly in the Brittany region of France. His works are collected internationally and often appear for sale at major European auction houses. 

Dimensions with frame:

H  40 cm

W 59.5 cm 

Dimensions without frame:

H  25.5 cm

W  44.5 cm