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'La Campagne' by Paul Roux (1891)


Paul Roux, born in 1845, in Paris, died in March 1918, was a painter, printmaker and French water-colourist. He was the son of the painter Louis Roux (1817-1903).

Paul was a pupil of French classic and academic artist Alexandre Cabanel, but broke away from academia himself to start his creative work painting on the grounds in the forest of Fontainebleau, near Paris, then in Normandy and Brittany. He travelled to England, where he painted landscapes of the English countryside and the Thames, then exhibited those at the Salon in Paris from 1882. Roux' works are characterised by a signature light touch, subtle colours full of spontaneity and energy. He was a member of the Society of French artists during his lifetime.

This painting, watercolour on fine paper, 'La Campagne' depicts the French countryside in summertime. Roux' watercolour technique is amazingly detailed and so uncharacteristic of that medium. It's almost as if the viewer is looking out the back window of the house to simply enjoy the green splendour on offer from nature. The work is in its original impressive frame which is an antique in its own right. The glass has been replaced with UV protection and a new backing installed. Consistent with its age, this work is in very good vintage condition showing some subtle fading of colour but retaining the verdant impression of a beautiful countryside. In the lower right hand corner of the work, the artist's signature and year of painting is clearly legible <<Paul Roux 1891>>, however, the rest of the verbiage is not perfectly clear. We believe it refers to the Ain Department in the far eastern part of France near the Geneva basin.

A work of this age and quality with such a substantial antique frame is a collectible piece of history and a significant addition to anyone's home or gallery.  

Dimensions with frame:

H  40 cm

W  49 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  26 cm

W  35 cm