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Glazed Ceramic Pottery Carrier by Jacques Pouchain / Atelier Dieulefit (circa 1960s)

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Glazed ceramic, stylised sculpture of pottery worker (circa 1960s) by Jacques Pouchain (1925 - 2005). This is a delightful, whimsical, ceramic vase in Pouchain's inimitable style. Pouchain created this piece inspired by the workers in his pottery who ported the pieces from the kilns to the shelves. She is carrying pieces which resemble some of Pouchain's most prized ceramics. The figure's skirt is tactile and adds a dimension to the smooth, lustrous glaze. In good vintage condition. Stamped: 'L'Atelier Dieulefit' with initials 'JP'. More personal pieces bear the initials. Upon request a video of the piece will be provided.

About the ArtistJacques Pouchain (1925 - 2005) left Paris and gave up his architectural training in the 1950s for the South of France to devote himself to art and his pottery studio at Dieulefit. He produced highly personal work and more commercial pieces as well. His habit of applying a white over-glaze to decoration engraved in manganese oxide revealed a modern approach to pottery. In the early days, familiar animals were recurrent themes in his work. He began making large, abstract pieces in the 1960s before developing the themes of femininity and fertility in the 1970s (ref: 'French Pottery of the 50s' by Pierre Staudenmeyer). His pieces are engraved or stamped "Atelier Dieulefit." More personal pieces also bear the initials 'JP'. Pouchain's works are collected internationally and have been auctioned by the major houses.


H 30 cm / 11.8"

W 16 cm / 6.3"