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'Garden Restaurant at Lake Annecy', by Jacques Weismann (circa 1920s)

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'Garden Restaurant at Lake Annecy', France, oil on board, by French artist, Jacques Weismann (circa 1920s). Research shows this is most likely the inner garden courtyard of the old Abbey of Talloires on Annecy Lake at the base of the French Alps. It was built by Benedictine monks in the 17th century and then, two centuries later, became one of the first hotels in France. Notables such as Mark Twain, Paul Cezanne and Jean Reno have been guests. This is a delightful image capturing a moment of summer bliss in one of the most beautiful towns in France. Lake Annecy is known for its pure, pristine waters which flow from the melted snow of the Alps. Commensurate with its age, the artwork is well preserved and in good vintage condition. Signed by the artist: 'Jacques Weismann' in the lower righthand corner. Newly framed and backed. Upon request a video of the piece will be provided.

About the Artist: Jacques Weismann (1878 - 1962), French, born in Paris. He was the student of Fernand Cormon, P. Boutigny and F. Humbert. Commencing 1905, Weismann exhibited at the Salon of French artists and was awarded a silver medal in 1923 and gold in 1932. Documentation also exists in the archives of press releases that Weismann participated in the Salon of artists in 1940 as well. His collectors could acquire his artworks at the Maison of French artists on Blvd. Hausmann and at the famous Simonson Gallery on Rue Caumartin, also in Paris. Although most artistic traces of Weismann disappeared after 1940, his works continue to be collected internationally and feature frequently at the international auction house sales.

Dimensions with frame:

H 25.5 cm / 10"

W 31 cm / 12.2"

Dimensions without frame:

H 14.5 cm / 5.7"

W 20.5 cm / 8.1"