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French Ceramic Wall Mirror with Flower Motif by La Roue (circa 1960s) - Small

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Small ceramic flower-motif wall mirror and glazed leaves attributed to La Roue, Vallauris, France (circa 1960s). A charming, decorative mirror with rustic but colourful details surrounding the diminutive square mirror. In good vintage condition showing characterful signs of its age such as small nicks and cracks which do not affect the overall impression of the piece. Unsigned but clearly attributed to La Roue studio. These small mirrors by La Roue are best displayed on the wall as a group. A video clip of this piece can be provided upon request.

About the Artists: La Roue opened in 1962 and was run by Alexandre and Betty Fadas. La Roue was a studio which sold ceramics in the town of Vallauris in the South of France. Its wares were made by various potters and artisans in the area. Amongst those potters whose work was sold by La Roue were well known master ceramicists, Robert Picault and Georges Pelletier. There were a number of other contributors, many of whom sold work unsigned by themselves but under the La Roue umbrella. La Roue had a reputation for making the highest quality and most original ceramics in its day.


H 11.5 cm / 4.5"

W 11.5 cm / 4.5"

D 2 cm / .8"