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'Set of Four Burgundy Vineyard Seasonal Views' by Jonquil Cook (2007 & 2014)


Four seasonal views of a Burgundian vineyard form this wine lover's set of limited linocut prints by American artist and ceramicist Jonquil Cook. A line of hilltop trees overlooks a vineyard near the village of Cruzille in the Côtes Maconnaise of Burgundy near the village of Chardonnay. Dormant vines in winter, later flowering in spring, a summertime's full green foliage and the burst of colour of vines in autumn make up this splendid series of limited edition (as marked) prints for wine lovers. The winter print was created in 2007 and the others in 2014. This set is comprised of four (4) framed prints. A video clip of these works can be provided upon request.

Dimensions with frames:

H  49 cm

W 60 cm

Dimensions without frames:

H 34 cm

W 45 cm