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'Fish and Fruit' by Nguyen Tuan Cuong (2002)

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'Fish and Fruit', gouache on handmade paper, by Vietnamese artist Nguyen Tuan Cuong (1963 -     ).  Nguyen graduated from the Hanoi Academy of Fine Arts and is a member of the Vietnamese Association of Fine Arts.  He has exhibited works in New York and is collected worldwide. This work, created in 2002, depicts a countryside feast, a bounty of food and drink, euphoric colours, joyous people and celebratory lanterns that symbolise joy, good fortune, longevity, and act as protectors from evil as well. Newly framed.

"A first encounter with Vietnamese paintings evokes surprise as well as delight. Familiar mediums – oil, gouache and watercolor – join with distinctly Asian motifs and spatial concepts. This unique blend of Eastern and Western sensitivities began in 1925 with the founding of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Hanoi by the French artist Victor Tardieu, and has continued to inspire the Vietnamese aesthetic tradition. Stylistic elements of Impressionism, Expressionism, figurative art, Cubism and Fauvism intermingle with purely traditional Vietnamese themes of emotional experience and spiritual values as represented by the village, the buffalo, the ancient dances. The juxtaposition of handmade rice paper and traditional lacquer painting with contemporary artistic techniques bridges the temporal worlds of past, present and future, and spans the cultural divide of East and West." (

Dimensions with frame:

H  56 cm

L  75 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  40 cm

L  59 cm