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'Figures at a Stream', French School (C. Meyer, 1970)

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'Figures at a Stream', oil on canvas, from the French School (C. Meyer, 1970). An impressionist depiction of two persons toiling along a tranquil stream near sunset. Their precise task is difficult to discern - but no matter, as they are simply in synch with their natural surroundings, like a beautiful animal in the wild drinking from a river. The artist composed the scene combining vivid oranges and yellows with muted grey, blues and beige. The vertical and horizontal strokes of the brush are painterly and confident. The artwork is in good vintage condition. The frame with wide linen slip has characterful nicks and scratches commensurate with age. Upon request, a brief video of the piece may be provided.

The painting, acquired in the South of France, is from the French Impressionist School dated 1970 and signed by 'C. Meyer'.

Dimensions with frame:

H 48 cm (18.9")

W 65 cm (25.6")

Dimensions without frame:

H 37 cm (14.6")

W 53 cm (20.9")