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'Feather Reed Grass' by Unknown (1951)



'Feather Reed Grass', pencil on fine paper (1951), by unknown artist. At first glance, this work is a simple drawing of reed grass in the countryside. But there is more. The grass obscures a small footpath which leads to a small village. Do you see it? Although accomplished with pencil on paper - black and white - the artist somehow has captured the fundamental nature of these blades so much so that there is seemingly colour imparted to the depiction. The execution of the drawing is flawless and reminds one of countryside walks, fresh air and the purity of rural life. In good vintage condition commensurate with age. There are some age-related blemishes on the periphery of the artwork which do not detract from the overall impression. The work is signed but is illegible. Dated 31 January 1951. A video clip of this work can be provided upon request.

Dimensions with frame

H  40.5 cm

W  32.5 cm

Dimensions without frame

H  25 cm

W  19 cm