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'Farm Boy' by Unknown (Circa 1970s)


'Farm Boy', oil on board, by unknown Eastern European artist (Circa 1970s). Stunning colourful portrait of a young farm boy. An array of palette colours: green, blue, magenta, orange, red and brown were used to create this thoughtful portrait. Behind the boy are the fields, a cloudy sky, animal fencing and other elements which constitute the idyllic rural life he is living. In front of him however, his forlorn gaze looks to a future that is elsewhere - anywhere but there. Perhaps his life is not as idyllic as we are to believe.

Impressive painting skills are evident which the artist uses in an impressionist style to portray the idealism of rural life. This in turn, is consistent with works of art painted within the tenets of Soviet socialist realism. Excellent vintage condition. Newly framed with linen slip. A short video of this work may be provided upon request.

Dimensions with frame:

H  55.5 cm

W  37 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  42 cm

W  23 cm