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Portrait of Raymond Moretti by Jean Cocteau (1963)


Lithograph drawing of French artist and sculptor, Raymond Moretti (1931 - 2005) by Jean Cocteau (1889 - 1963). Cocteau and Moretti collaborated on several art works and this drawing by Cocteau is in appreciation of their friendship.  

This lithograph of the portrait of the artist Raymond Moretti by Jean Cocteau was obtained in Paris.  It is showing some age around the edges of the paper and slight smudges as well but they do not detract from the principle image.  It is now neatly framed protecting the lithograph.  The signature and verbiage are part of the litho: << a l'ami Moretti Jean Cocteau 1963 >>. 1963 is also the year of Cocteau's death.


Dimensions (with frame):

H 72 cm

W 58 cm

Dimensions (without frame):

H 62 cm

W 50 cm