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Double-Sided Carved Wooden Blawong Board from Java (circa 1920s - 50s)


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Double-sided carved wooden blawong board from Java, Indonesia (circa 1920s - 50s). Blawong boards were used to hold a pair of Keris daggers. They were fixed near the entrance of the household in order to use the Keris magic to protect the owner from evil spirits and to keep the keris safe and secure when not being carried. This particular piece is carved from wood still showing remnants of colour. The side with some colour depicts animals surrounding a tree which highlights three levels of life: birds in the air, monkeys in the trees and four legged animals on the ground. The reverse side is open to interpretation, most likely related to ancestors and protective spirits. The piece may be displayed as a wall hanging or on a stand (not included). It is in fair vintage condition commensurate with age and use. 


H 44.5 cm / 17.5"

W 25.5 cm / 10.0"

D 1.5 cm / 0.6"