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Decorative Pillar Design Pitcher by Primavera (Circa 1930s)


Decorative pillar design black-enamel and green crackle-glazed Primavera pitcher/vase by C.A.B. (Céramique d’art de Bordeaux) for Printemps (Circa 1930s). The baluster, or column design, follows the form of an exquisite flower. The handle suggests a utilitarian usage - the aesthetic allure validates it as a work of art. The green coloured base is covered by a spotted metallic black enamel. The overall effect is sublime. This is an extremely desirable piece for collectors of beautiful objects or anything made by Primavera. In excellent vintage condition commensurate with its age and usage. Marked on the base: 'Primavera 19472 Made in France'.

About Primavera:  Primavera was the design studio of the iconic Parisian department store, Printemps. A collaboration between Printemps and René Guilleré, founder of the Société des Artistes Décorateurs, came into being in 1912 when Guilleré convinced store executives that the buying public was yearning for modern furniture and art objects produced by artisan workshops. His goal: to make beautifully designed utilitarian objects accessible to the public and to renovate the domestic household landscape. Primavera itself later formed a collaboration with C.A.B., (1919 - 1947), a start-up innovative ceramic atelier that only counted 20 workers and six ovens to create their wonderful ceramic objects. This collaboration gained both Primavera and C.A.B. a desirable notoriety for being on the cutting edge of design at that time. 


H  34 cm

W 18 cm

D 16 cm