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Decorative Ceramic Casserole Dish with Lid by Gustave Reynaud, Le Mûrier (circa 1950s)


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Decorative vintage ceramic casserole dish with lid by Gustave Reynaud, Le Mûrier (circa 1950s). This utilitarian dish with lid is also a stunning work of art. On the rustic exterior is a characteristically French rooster in bright blue with red highlights. Alongside is a leaved stem not unlike Reynaud's own maker's mark. The top is decorated with a foliage motif just as a laurel is woven into a wreath or crown to grace the head of an ancient Roman leader. Utterly charming and delightfully rustic, this piece will be the centre of conversation for those lucky enough to have it in their view. In good vintage condition. Upon request, a video of the piece may be provided.

About the Artist: Gustave Reynaud (1915-1972) founded the pottery, Le Mûrier (Mulberry Tree), in Vallauris, France in 1955. He produced earthenware designed in conjunction with his well known brother-in-law, Jean Derval, as well as vases, wall plaques and anthropomorphic jugs. He also worked with the potter, JF Descombes, and decorator Michel Barbier in their well known village. After Reynaud's death in 1972 his wife ran the pottery until 1984.  


Dia 24 cm (9.4")

H 22 cm (8.7")