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'Cubist Abstraction' by STM (circa 1950s-70s)

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'Cubist Abstraction', oil on board, by STM (circa 1950s-70s). A bold, modern painting by artist with the initials STM. Clearly inspired by cubists Picasso and Braque, the artist uses angles, lines and pulsating colours to create this wonderful portrait. The viewer perceives the cubist figure within the cacophony of lines and colour. Like the cubists, STM abandoned perspective and realism, instead portraying figures and objects from various angles, like geometric planes. The artist initialed the work in the lower left hand corner. In fair vintage condition commensurate with age. There is minor blemishing on the paint surface. Please carefully view the accompanying photos to fully assess its condition and style. Upon request, a short video clip of the artwork may be provided.

About the Artist: The exact background of the artist with the initials, 'STM' is unknown. This gallery's source indicates they were acquired in Berlin, Germany. Notwithstanding the uncertainty, several galleries have acquired and are now selling STM'S works. This clearly speaks to the widespread assessment of the quality and interest of the art. Today, the artist’s creations hang on the walls of art lovers in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Miami and Los Angeles. Galleries scramble to acquire the works having recognised the outstanding potential in the international art markets for these pieces with such fascinating subjects.

Dimensions with frame:

H 50.5 cm / 19.9"

W 40.5 cm / 15.9"

Dimensions without frame:

H 36.7 cm / 14.4"

W 27.0 cm / 10.6"