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'Composition Classique' by V. Velde (1962)

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'Composition Classique', oil on canvas (1962), by V. Velde. Discovered in the south of France, this is an inspiring abstract artwork which makes an immediate impact on the viewer. The shapes appear as sculptures on the canvas. The colours evoke harmony, balance and peaceful solitude. It's like a walk in the forest, fresh air, and connecting with nature. 

About the Artist: The painting is signed V. VELDE in block letters. Assessments of the painting's origins by experts have been inconclusive. It was thought it could be definitively attributed to one of the Van Velde brothers, Geer (1898 - 1977) or Abraham (Bram) (1895 - 1981) who lived much of their professional lives in France. However, there is no exact match in signatures and some clear stylistic differences. The last photo you see in this listing is that of one of the Van Velde brothers as a point of comparison. The attribution notwithstanding, the fact that this is a stunning work of mid-century abstract art is undeniable.

Dimensions with frame:

H  48 cm

W  39 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  33.5

W 25.5