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'Colours in Abstract' by Meunier de Risset (1953)

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'Colours in Abstract' (1953) by Meunier de Risset, most likely, French. Oil on board. For the viewer, there is a sense of looking through an intricate stained glass window... with no one in view on the other side. Research does not reveal any information about the artist who created this abstract piece in the middle of the last century. However, that does not diminish the creativity of the depiction nor detract from its execution, proportionate composition and vibrant colour. With no context of the life of the artist himself, we may never know to what he was alluding or trying to convey. Nevertheless, one can certainly enjoy the beauty of a work of art without necessarily understanding the artist's motivation. In this case, they've used the visual language of geometric shape and form, colour and layered texture to communicate with the viewer.

This artwork has been reframed. In very good vintage condition. Rear of painting: 'Haut' and 'Meunier de Risset 1953'. The stamp of the manufacturer of the 'carton a peindre' also appears on the rear of the painting.

Dimensions with frame:

H  61.5 cm

W  47 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  60 cm

W  46 cm