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Coffee Table With 'Pyjama' Ceramic Tiles by Roger Capron (c. 1950s)

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Coffee table with colourful ceramic tiles by artist Roger Capron (1922 - 2006), who founded the craft-based workshop in Vallauris, France, l'Atelier Callis, where his creations contributed to a veritable renaissance of pottery and ceramics. Capron left behind a considerable body of internationally acclaimed works and is collected worldwide. In excellent condition, this coffee table (c. 1950s) is a quintessential example of collectible Capron with his trademark pyjama style ceramic tiles from this era. The legs are metal with a shiny black finish - simple, functional and sturdy. A unique piece of Capron history for true connoisseurs of this celebrated master and for those looking for an original piece for their home. 


H  46 cm

L   61 cm

W  31 cm