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'Classical Figures' by Hawland (1963)

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'Classical Figures', mixed media in pastel crayon, pencil and gouache by unknown artist, Hawland (1963). A classical scene of nude figures reminiscent of a fresco from antiquity. Just like an actual fresco, this beautiful work, although signed, remains artistically anonymous. Information on the artist, Hawland, has not been found and thus its original context is unknown - just as if it were discovered at an archaeological site. Was Hawland an academic or an artist enamored of classic scenes? Was this work created after an actual work from history or simply a dreamy image from the artist's imagination? Whatever the case, the artwork is compelling and provides us with striking imagery from what appears to be another time. Unlike historical works, this piece is not difficult to date (1963). Framed and glazed. In excellent vintage condition. Signed: 'Hawland 63'. 

Dimensions with frame:

H  49 cm

W  64 cm

Dimensions without frame:

H  33.5 cm

W  44 cm