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'Chez Maxim's' by André Meurice (circa 1950s - 60s)


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'Chez Maxim's', pastel and gouache on fine art paper, by André Meurice (circa 1950s - 60s). The artist depicts the glamorous clientele at the entryway to Maxim's. Maxim's was one of the most popular and fashionable restaurants in Paris. Under its owner, Eugene Cornuché, he gave the dining room its Art Nouveau decor and installed a piano. He made sure it was always filled with beautiful women. Cornuché was accustomed to saying: "An empty room... Never! I always have a beauty sitting by the window, in view from the sidewalk." In 1913, Jean Cocteau said of Maxim's: "It was an accumulation of velvet, lace, ribbons, diamonds and what all else I couldn't describe. To undress one of these women is like an outing that calls for three weeks' advance notice, it's like moving house." Maxim's was also immensely popular with the international celebrities of the 1950s, with guests such as Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, the Duke of Windsor and his wife, Wallis Simpson and Barbara Hutton. When the restaurant was renovated at the end of the decade, workmen discovered a treasure trove of lost coins and jewellery that had slipped out of the pockets of the wealthy and been trapped between the cushions of the banquettes. This artwork is in fair vintage condition with minor blemishing on the paper not affecting the overall impression of the piece. It has been newly framed and glazed. Although slightly blurred, it is signed in the lower left hand corner, 'Meurice'. The artist has two documented signature styles most likely related to when the works were created. 

About the Artist: André Meurice was active in the 20th century. For someone who has had dozens of paintings sold at the international auction houses, surprisingly little is known of his life. Most of his drawings and gouache works depict elegant and glamorous scenes in France from a bygone era. 

Dimensions with frame: 

H 48.5 cm /19.1"

W 38.5 cm / 15.2"

Dimensions without frame:

H 35 cm / 13.8"

W 26 cm / 10.2"