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Ceramic Vase by Albert Thiry (c. 1960s)

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Albert Thiry was born in Nice, France (1932 - 2009 ). His family moved to Vallauris where he spent most of the school holidays in the potteries; in 1956 he was taken on as an assistant decorator with an opportunity to make his own pieces. In 1961 Albert and his wife Pyot set up their own pottery. Their standard production, in Vallauris clay with added grog to emphasise rusticity, resulted in delightful pieces both highly elaborate or utilitarian. The utilitarian pieces which are very recognisable are not signed (French Pottery of the 50s by Pierre Staudenmeyer).

This splendid ceramic vase (c. 1960s) in Japonisme style is predominantly white glaze with an exquisite flower motif in powdery blue and delicate verdant leaves with trademark light brown coloured branches and patches. The interior is primarily off-white with brown speckles. In good vintage condition with minor chip blemishes on the lip commensurate with its age and usage. Unsigned.


H    27 cm

Dia  21 cm