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Ceramic Plant Pot by Gustave Reynaud - Le Mûrier (circa 1960s)

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Ceramic plant pot (circa 1960s) by Gustave Reynaud (1915 - 1972) at Le Mûrier studios. A very charming planter with red flower motif on one side of the surface with a French rooster of the same colour on the other. The underlying glaze is a delicate off-white. In between the two main forms are a series of vertical plants of varying types and colours. In excellent vintage condition. Reynaud's maker's mark appears on the base of pot. 

About the Artist: Gustave Reynaud (1915-1972) founded the pottery, Le Mûrier (Mulberry Tree), in Vallauris, France in 1955. He produced earthenware designed in conjunction with his well known brother-in-law, Jean Derval, as well as vases, wall plaques and anthropomorphic jugs. He also worked with the potter JF Descombes and decorator Michel Barbier in their well known village. After Reynaud's death in 1972 his wife ran the pottery until 1984.  


H 15 cm

Dia. 17 cm