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Ceramic Lamp by Pierre Digan (circa 1970s)

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Ceramic lamp (circa 1970s) by Pierre Digan (1941 -     ). The beauty in this ceramic lamp lies in its simplicity. A dark clay colour with sensuous curves and characterful age marks make this a true conversation piece for your home or office, from an artist and ceramicist of renown. Maker's mark present on outer surface near cable exit. Currently wired for European use but may be modified.

About the Artist: Born in 1941, Pierre Digan counts amongst those rare beings who have lived several lives. His enthusiasm and his desire to embark upon his creative endeavours with incredible energy have made him an indefatigable inventor. After his studies in the École des Arts Appliqués in Beaune, France, he launched his ceramic line called Digan Gres which became an international success in the 1970s. From the ceramic centre, De La Borne in the Loire Valley to Paris via Limoges and Vassivière as well as Vallauris, Pierre Digan has left his mark by leading sculpture and ceramics workshops and creating several art galleries, restaurants, lodges and residences for artists. He has notably co-founded the Sculpture Symposium of the Isle of Vassivière which was a prelude to the creation of the Centre of Art and Sculpture Isle. Protean artist, he excels in the creation of monumental pieces in granite, marble and metals. 

Overall Dimensions:

H 52 cm

Dia. 25.5 cm

Lamp Base Dimensions:

Dia. 19 cm

H 27.5 cm