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Ceramic 'Eared' Vase (Vase à Oreilles) with Rooster by Roger Capron (1950s)



An 'eared' vase (Vase à Oreilles) by artist Roger Capron (1922 - 2006) who founded the craft-based workshop in Vallauris, France, l'Atelier Callis, where his creations contributed to a veritable renaissance of pottery and ceramics. Capron left behind a considerable body of internationally acclaimed works and is collected worldwide. In near-perfect condition, this vase (1950s) with a French stylised rooster is a quintessential example of collectible Capron and a trademark of his style from this era. The rooster is naively painted with few lines and broad curves encircled by decorative, colourful strokes evoking flowers or other plant life of the garrigue. A unique piece of Capron hollow-ware for true connoisseurs of this celebrated master.


H 15 cm

W 15 cm

D 15 cm