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Ceramic Decorative Wall Mirror with Breton Motif (circa 1970s)

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Ceramic decorative wall mirror with Breton motif (circa 1970s). Porthole-shaped ceramic frame embellished with traditional Breton costumed man motif. Brittany is the Celtic region located in the far west of France. The traditional dress worn by men included baggy knee breeches along with a hat, waistcoat and shirt. In this piece, they appear in the recesses of the mirror surround in a repeating pattern. The piece is in good vintage condition with characterful age marks visible on the glass. The back is partially covered and intact. This is a piece whose strength lies in its simplicity and muted colours. Sure to be a conversation piece in any home or work space. The mark on the rear, 'MPA', is not a relevant reference to the maker from what can be determined. Origins are most likely French. A short video of the piece can be provided upon request. 


Diameter 20.5 cm (8.0")

Thickness 2.5 cm (1.0")