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Ceramic Bowl with Stylised Décor on Four Legs by Jacques Blin (Circa 1950s)

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Ceramic bowl with stylised décor (circa 1950s), by Jacques Blin (1920 - 1995). This earthenware piece rests gracefully on its four cylindrical legs with its classically- Jacques Blin cloudy glaze. The work features a shepherdess with staff and flock at the bottom of the bowl. The bowl is in very good condition showing some characterful, light-coloured blemishes at the base as photographed. This eminently collectible piece is an exquisite example of Blin's artistry and technique.

About the Artist: Jacques Blin was an engineer by trade but with a love for the visual arts and an immediately recognisable style. His work was characterised by a more or less misty appearance of the glaze and by decoration deeply marked in the raw clay, a method used throughout his career. He frequently used fanciful birds, primitive animals, stylised figures and whimsical abstract motifs in his works which are always signed "J. Blin".


H  10.6 cm (4.2")

D  29.5 cm (11.6)