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Brass Tray with Mosaic of a Stylised Beauty by Salvador Terán (circa 1950s)

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Brass tray with mosaic of a stylised Mexican beauty (circa 1950s). A modernist creation of its era by forward-thinking designer, Salvador Terán. The elongated and stylish peripheral brass surrounds a colourful tile mosaic of a beautiful Mexican woman. A wall handle caps the tray for display purposes. In good vintage condition commensurate with age and usage. Some evident blemishes appear throughout the brass in particular. The mosaic is intact and in very good condition. Maker's mark on rear of tray: 'Hand-wrought Salvador Hecho en Mexico 405'. 

About the Designer: Salvador Terán (1920 - 1974) settled in Mexico City and opened his own shop in 1952, La India Bonita. Known primarily as a Mexican modernist, Terán was born in Taxco. He is considered an exceptional designer, innovator, and silversmithing technician whose specialties include mosaics and jewellery. In 1939, he left Las Delicias to become a founding member of Los Castillos, the renowned Taxco workshop that produced exquisite mixed-metal works. He stayed at Los Castillos, creating jewellery sold under their mark, until 1952. 

Terán is well known for trays, wall hangings, coffee sets, and boxes that are usually brass with brightly coloured glass. His jewellery creations often make use of overlapping planes set against oxidised backgrounds. Although his designs are often sleek and modern for the time in which he created them, Salvador was also greatly influenced by pre-Columbian art. Terán pieces also combine metal with stone mosaics to create trays and pitchers.


H 50 cm (19.7") (57 cm or 22.4" including handle extension)

W 22.5 cm (8.9")

D 3 cm (1.2")