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'Boy With Watermelon' by Rodrigo Branco (2014)


'Boy with Watermelon', mixed media on stretched, unframed canvas (2014). Rodrigo Branco's (1986 -      ) paintings on urban streets are enormously vibrant portraits with assured strokes and lines, many covering entire sides of buildings. Characterful, colourful and with depth, each painting is layered and complex but very approachable. His compositions are found prominently on the sides of buildings and stare across towns and streets bringing a smile to the viewer with the clever use of colour and intense expression. The water melon is often seen in Rodrigo's work and is an affectionate gesture to his grandparents who still run a Melon Farm in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he also lives.

About the Artist: Born in 1986 in the southern outskirts of São Paulo, Rodrigo Branco was influenced by his family members to pursue a career in art. Later, during his teens, he discovered the universe of street art and graffiti on the streets of his neighbourhood while working in photography along with his father. This has driven the way Branco approaches the many facets of his art. His work has been the subject of many exhibitions in Brazil, Germany, the United States and England and also appeared in art festivals like ArtRua in Rio de Janeiro, II Muralist Bienal in Cali, Colombia among others.

Rodrigo Branco lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.


H 100 cm

W  76 cm