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'Bouquet de Fleurs au Vase Bleu' by Louis Toncini (1982)

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'Bouquet de Fleurs au Vase Bleu', oil on board, by Louis Toncini (1982). Painted towards the end of his career, this piece belongs to that part of his body of work which was lighthearted, optimistic and pleasing. It is a stunning still life characterised by Toncini's vibrant colours and textured layers of oil paint deftly applied. This blue vase holds the flowers of Toncini's native Provence and is a love letter from the artist to the viewer. In good vintage condition commensurate with age. It is framed and signed: 'Toncini, L' in the lower right hand corner. Upon request, a short video of this piece may be provided.

About the Artist: Louis Toncini (1907 - 2002), born in Marseille, France and was one of a group of artists who founded the 'peintres prolétariens', or later, the painters of the people. He painted the world of workers and depicted such subjects as factories, warehouses, train stations and working ports, etc. After the war his work took a more optimistic turn with paintings of still lifes, bouquets and country landscapes. In 1936, along with fellow artists Antoine Serra, François Diana and Leon Cadenel, Toncini created  the first organisation dedicated to the culture of his native Provence. His art is now exhibited in museums, galleries and private collections around the world and has been sold by major international auction houses. 

Dimensions with frame:

H 75 cm (29.5")

W 63.5 cm (25")

Dimensions without frame:

H 59.5 cm (23.4")

W 48.5 cm (19.1")