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Art Deco Sculpture Bust of Man by Demétre H. Chiparus (Circa 1930s)

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Art Deco terracotta sculpture bust of stylised man by Demétre H. Chiparus (circa 1930s). Art Deco was the expression of a desire to be modern. It featured rare and expensive materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Chiparus was inspired in his work by ballet, theatre and early motion pictures. This sculpture is of the 'ideal' modern man. Confident, strong, handsome features with a determined look towards a very promising future. This self-assured figure knows the 1930s are a wonderful time in which to live and life is only going to be better. In excellent vintage condition. Signature etched in base: 'D.H. Chiparus'.

About the Artist: Demétre Haralamb Chiparus (1886 – 1947) was a Romanian Art Deco era sculptor who lived and worked in Paris, France. He was without question one of the most important sculptors of the Art Deco era and his sculptures a reflection of the 1920 and1930s. Coming from the oldest French tradition of high-quality and extra-artistic decorative arts, Chiparus's sculptures combine elegance and luxury, embodying the spirit of the Art Deco epoch. Collector interest in the work of Chiparus appeared in the 1970s and has flourished since the 1990s. A major collection of his work is on display in the permanent collection of Casa Lis, the Art Deco museum in Salamanca, Spain.


H 53.5 cm (21.1")

Base 36 x 18.1 cm (14.2" x 7.1")