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'Araire' by Max Papart (1973)

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'Airare', mixed media collage on fine art paper (1973). The title of this piece refers to a primitive plough used in southern Europe and an almost obsessive object of Papart's compositions. This abstract image is repeated in dozens of Papart's creations in many different renderings. In this case it will be left to the viewer to respond to the art based on their own personal experiences. The artwork is signed in the lower right hand corner: 'Max Papart'. The rear of the work - but now reframed and covered - have the words: 'Airare Eauforte Gouache et Collage 1973' as shown in the photos. In excellent condition. A short video clip of this work can be provided upon request.

About the Artist: Max Papart was born in Marseille, France and later moved to Paris where he learned the techniques of classic engraving. One of the most intriguing intellectual concepts which Papart achieves is a "window" through which the viewer senses the past or future, or even another time or place. It has been said that Papart does not "paint," he "composes." His compositions come together in a symphony of line, shape and colour. Papart always believed that each painting has its own meaning and needed no interpretation from him. His paintings, in his own words, 'force the viewer to think, and it is for the viewer to respond to the art based on his own personal experiences'"(

Papart's original art pieces such as this one are auctioned at the world's most prominent houses and are eminently collectible. You will find his works often sold side-by-side with Picassos, Chagals and Braques.  

Dimensions with frame:  

H  31 cm (12.2")

W  36 cm (14.2")

Dimensions without frame:

H  18 cm (7.1")

W  22 cm (8.7")