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'New York Public Library Under Snow 1940s' by Finley, after Guy Carleton Wiggins (circa 1960s)

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'New York Public Library Under Snow 1940s', oil on board, by Finley, after Guy Carleton Wiggins (circa 1960s). The unknown artist that created this work clearly was paying homage to the famous painter of New York City winterscapes, Guy Carleton Wiggins. Finley created this likeness to Wiggins' artwork of the New York Public Library under a blanket of snow. There are some stylistic differences from the original work. The French flag flies next to the Stars and Stripes for reasons unknown. In those days, the double decker buses depicted in the artwork were operated by the 5th Avenue Coach Company. In view down the street are the spires of St. Patrick's cathedral. Discovered in the South of France, our gallery estimates this work was created circa 1960s. Unfortunately, the artist remains unknown but the quality of the work is unquestionable. In fair vintage condition showing light blemishing in the artwork's skyline above the spires. The frame presents minor nicks, scratches and blemishes both in the wood and the linen slip commensurate with age. There are many photos to view which accompany the listing. Upon request a video may be provided.

About the (Original) ArtistGuy Carleton Wiggins (1883 - 1962), was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1883 and then travelled to England with his family as a boy where he received his early education. He was the son of Carleton Wiggins, an American painter in the Barbizon style who studied with George Inness and admired Anton Mauve and Dwight Tryon. His son, Guy Wiggins, studied with artists in the Old Lyme Colony who were developing their own style of Impressionism, combining both French traditions and emerging American techniques. He became strongly attracted to Impressionism and stayed with it long after it was considered outmoded and in 1920, he and his family also decided to settle in Lyme. Wiggins became extremely successful early in his career. At the age of twenty, he was the youngest artist to have a work in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. By 1920 Wiggins had decided to make his home on an old farm in Hamburg Cove, a charming area in Lyme Township, however, he still spent time in New York. Wiggins died while on vacation in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1962 and is buried in Old Lyme, Connecticut. His artistic reputation surpasses both that of his father and of his son. 

Dimensions with Frame:

H 38.5 cm / 15.2"

W 43.5 cm / 17.1"

Dimensions without Frame:

H 18.3 cm / 7.2"

W 23.5 cm / 9.3"