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Art Deco Ceramic Vase by ODYV (Circa 1930s)

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Art Deco ovoid-shaped ceramic vase by ODYV (circa 1930s). Visually stunning and tactile cream wax-glazed vase with gilt deco style repeating arches. Signed with the ODYV mark and impressed with model number '540'.

About the maker: ODYV, previously known as Berlot & Mussier (BM), was based in Vierzon, France. ODYV was the mark by which their pieces were known throughout the French Art Deco period, or more precisely from 1927 to 1940. It combined the names of the two designers, Odette Berlot and Yvonne Mussier. During that time the factory focused mostly on clocks but produced other widely collected ceramics including vases and sculptures. Today, ODYV’s creations grace museums and collections around the world and serve as a testament to an age of progressive thought and integration of art into the home.

H 22.5 cm (8.9")
W 13.5 cm (5.3")