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Large Coral-Coloured Vase by Jacques Blin (1978)



Ceramic vase (1978) by Jacques Blin (1920 - 1995), an engineer by trade but with a love for the visual arts and an immediately recognisable style. A way of working characterised by a more or less misty appearance of the glaze and by decoration deeply marked in the raw clay, a method he used throughout his career. He frequently used fanciful birds, primitive animals, stylised figures and whimsical abstract motifs in his works which are always signed "J. Blin". This elegant and subtly-coloured vase has a coral-pink patina featuring naive images of a village and its flowing river. This vase is one of Jacques Blin's most beautiful pieces. Although very unique in colour, it still retains the immediately recognisable trademark features of a Blin work of art. This vase is in perfect condition and decidedly collectible. It is signed and dated, 1978.  


H 28 cm

W 24 cm