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French Mid-Century Decorative Pink Ceramic Vase by La Po(é)terie (circa 1980s)


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French decorative ceramic vase (circa 1980s). Elegantly formed with a lustrous glaze in vibrant mulberry red. The lip transitions from red-pink to grey-white. The mulberry red is covered in decorative dark shapes like rain clouds. In combination it makes for a lively piece which is both useful and beautifully decorative. The piece is in fair vintage condition. There are nicks on the inner lip and blemishes on the exterior of the vase surface which attest to the piece's colourful history and usage. The maker's mark on the underside base reads: 'La Po(é)terie' using a play on the French words for poetry and pottery.  Please view the many photos accompanying this listing to best appreciate its condition and wonderful style. Upon request a video will be provided.

About the Artist: Paul Quéré (1931-2014) was born in French champagne country in the town of Reims, of Breton parents. At the age of 20, in 1951, he moved to Vallauris, France, which was then in its heyday and world renown for its potteries. Its most famous maker, of course, was Pablo Picasso. With a band of friends, Quéré learned pottery in Vallauris but opened his own workshop in the town of Vence, closer to Nice. He met his life partner, another ceramicist, Ariane Mathieu, in Vence in 1961. After several years there they decided to move to Brittany, in Western France to reconnect with their roots. They bought a farmhouse which doubled as an artist haven. Even though Paul was a bit of a recluse, his friends were very active in the artist community. He and Ariane started the Po(é)terie in 1987, so named because Paul believed that pottery and poetry were inseparable. A retrospective of Paul's works, including his abstract paintings, was held in 2,000 in Pont-l'Abbé. Paul died in 2014. 


H 17.0 cm / 6.7"

Dia 10 cm / 3.9"